Open Design Afrika Family Makers Day was sponsored by the Western Cape Cultural Affairs and Sports and in partnership with the V&A Waterfront and Decorex. ODA hosted a series of live and online events. Most of the online workshops were not live-streamed.
On this day we hosted a series of online and in-person workshops, dialogues for the youth, and demonstrations to children and families globally who were eager to explore, experiment, create, innovate and learn more through our virtual and hands-on creative experiences. Family Makers Day is one of our most popular events and truly a day for family fun and also a day that even friends like to explore and experience together. We always offer an a la cart menu of different makers’ experiences. When you expose citizens and children of any age to fun creative and playful experiences as we do at Family Makers Day, they will start to develop creative intelligence which includes skills like empathy, emotional intelligence, complex problem solving, critical thinking and so much more. These are vital future-making life skills. This is why we at Open Design Afrika believe that Collaborative Creative Intelligence is a SUPERPOWER and that every child and citizen should have the right to develop it. In the past when we could still host our ODA festival, many children and adults from disadvantaged communities have for instance experienced the magic combo of creativity and technology like stop animation or virtual reality at our Family Makers Day for the very first time and it is always incredible to see how profound and life-changing these experiences are for them. 


“Dreamers are Doers / Link Youth Power / Share, the World will listen” – a session where Youth encourages Youth!


Do you see yourself as a youth changemaker? Do you dream of changing the world? Do you have a story to share with other youth? Do you want to network with youth from around the world?

‘Xtalks- World Listens‘ in partnership with Dreamland Eco English in Vietnam created an invaluable opportunity during ODA’s Family Makers Day for youth from around the world to speak their mind, share their stories and experiences with other youth.

Participants will also heard from the Vietnamese youth group about their first experience producing their own Xtalk recently. A great opportunity for other participating youth to learn how to do produce their own XTalks with the youth in their region.

“We believe every young person, no matter where they live, has an interesting story to tell the rest of the world. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could hear them all?” Alex Bell – Co-founder XtalksWORLDlistens

Learn more about XTalks HERE

Learn more about Dreamland Eco English HERE

Watch more XTalks videos from youth around the world HERE

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