In Feb/March 2022 Open Design Afrika’s CEO, Suné Stassen was invited as a keynote at Interaction Week 2022. The event was hosted by IxDA (Interaction Design Association). The theme of this event was “Design in Perilous Times. One year on. What have we learned?”

Her powerful talk titled: “A Super Power to build a thriving future for people and planet”, aligned perfectly with the topic ‘Embracing Ambiguity’ on the first day. Other days focussed on topics such as New Essentials: Our building blocks & We Care: For ourselves, for our team.

Curious about designing a greater future for people and the planet? Curious about how to address the skills shortage of the past and present and how to develop social and human capital that’s future fit? Then this talk is for you!

Get comfortable, invite a few friends or colleagues and start watching! Let us know your thoughts and takeaways.

The talk also features many impactful projects, thought leaders, and future-makers who are an integral part of our global community at Open Design Afrika. These changemakers drive change on various levels and in different sectors for example Kristof Fenyvesi, founder of the Experience Workshop (STEAM Learning); Piet Grymonprez, co-founder and MD of MyMachine Global Foundation; Dr. Rael Futerman, Co-founder and Chief Learning Officer at CARTEDO; Noa Haim, founder of Collective Paper Aesthetics; the “School is Yesterday” trailer, which is a film about school produced by Alex Bell FRSA FCCT & Abi Moore; Janine Benyus, founder of Biomimicry 3.8. Institute and Sander Van Bussel, founder of the Human Rights Tattoo project.

You will also find great inspiration from other powerful inserts that include Kate Raworth, an English economist who explains the philosophy behind doughnut economics. Prince Ea, a spoken word artist and civil rights activist is also featured in his epic film ‘Man vs Earth’. Jack Ma, a Chinese business magnate, investor, philanthropist, and the co-founder and former CEO of the technology conglomerate Alibaba Group, shares his profound thoughts on the importance of Creativity and why it should be an integral part of education to build thriving futures.