Inspirator @Global Inspiration Day, 28 Oct: Session Four

Change-maker, Community Builder, Consultant

Xinlin is an independent consultant and a network builder based between New York and China. Combining her specialisms in research journalism, urban studies, and community building, Xinlin has been weaving community networks within China and beyond since 2009. Trained as a teacher, after a 3-year urban study into 16 emerging second-tier Chinese cities, she became a returning student of the lively urban culture worldwide. She collaborated with designers, photographers, filmmakers making reports from the streets. Since 2018, she joined AMO’s global research initiative studying the countryside’s future and visited more than 20 Chinese villages, where exciting transformation is taking place. With a strong belief in “diversity in culture but unity in nature,” her work focuses on forming cross-sector Glocal collaborations to create meaningful dialogues that ignite social change. She is currently working with ecologists, economists, and educators to create learning experiences for communities in China’s ecological hotspots. Website