Inspirator @ Global Inspiration Day, 28 October, Session Two

Co-founder & CEO of TRIBE

The Futures Project 2020 Semi Finalist

Wainright is a social entrepreneur reimagining the future of secondary education in Liberia​. He is the Co-founder & CEO of TRIBE, an education social enterprise on a mission to develop a new generation of purpose-driven young problem-solvers, entrepreneurs, innovators, and storytellers. TRIBE utilizes research, data, and technological tools to create innovative programs and digital solutions to prepare young Liberian and African secondary students for the future of work. Wainright defied the inherent odds of socio-economic inefficiencies in Liberia, and now works everyday to create better ecosystems through which he can empower young people who are vulnerable and victims of the failed education and workforce development systems. He believes that an empowered young person can create significant social change and impact across the world, and is passionate about bridging the gap between opportunity and privilege.

Prior to TRIBE, he worked with some of Liberia’s leading youth-led social enterprises on education, programs and policy initiatives. Most recently as a social impact intern at HiConversion, a Florida-based technology company, he designed a social impact and sustainability program for the company and drew insights from artificial intelligence to design the tech portfolio for TRIBE. He worked with the African Leadership Group (University) in San Francisco, supporting the business development team on strategic fundraising and partnership initiatives. An Acumen-Rockefeller Social Innovator and YALI RLC Fellow, Wainright researches and writes about education, youth economic development and social issues, and contributes to Liberian online blogs, The Bush Chicken and Sleepless in Monrovia. Wainright loves to travel, take scary adventures, and singing in the shower.