Inspirator @ Global Inspiration Day, 28 October, Session Two

Rwandan youth activist and social entrepreneur

The Futures Project 2020 Semi Finalist

Venuste Kubwimana is a Rwandan youth activist and social entrepreneur. In 2018, he was named among Africa’s top 50 Innovators and AIDF Global innovator of the year. He has been Secretary General of International Transformation Foundation since 2009. A youth led non-profit organization he established to provide educational and self-development programs encompassing leadership and entrepreneurship to contribute to their communities’ development. He is 2020 Oak Human Rights Fellow at Colby College. In 2019 he was awarded World Water Challenge and NextGen Social enterprise Franchise awards. In 2018 he received Takeda Young Entrepreneur award. In 2017, his work was recognized for “Youth 4 South” solutions organized by the UN office for South to South Cooperation. In 2016, he was named Global Citizen Youth Advocate and the American Express Emerging Innovator – East Africa cohort and was nominated for the Nelson Mandela-Graça Machel Innovation Awards. Prior to that, during 2015, he was nominated for the Future Awards Africa – Enterprise Support and was a Guest Speaker at Africa Prosperity Summit in Dar es Salaam and achieved a World Merit title as an “Agent of Change.