Inspirator @Global Inspiration Day, 28 Oct: Session Three

Founder of NGO “Pimp My Carroça” & the app “Cataki”

MUNDANO is an artivist, born in São Paulo, Brasil, with worldwide recognition for his political inflamed graffiti. Either in a public space, or in over 320 ‘’carroças” of “catadores” (waste pickers), his work shines a light over societies environmental, social and political issues.

As a graffiti artist and activist, he questions and teases public authorities and population’s behavior through interventions, often carried with impact phrases inspired by local context.

The environment and its current worries, as well as the universal human rights, are the base of his activism, which transcends his paints and colors.

Mundano is Amaphiko, Ashoka and TED’s Fellow. Founder of the NGO “Pimp My Carroça” and the app “Cataki”. Mundano have been awarded with many prizes in different areas, such as public art, human rights, creativity and digital innovation.

The tireless artivist have already defined his main life goal: to create an environmental and social legacy with his art. To fulfill this challenge, he’s been travelling around the globe for the last ten years, giving speeches, making interventions, and exposing his art in over 40 cities in Brazil and the world. Website

Instagram:    Facebook: @mundano_sp

Videocase PimpMyCarroça
Cataki animation
Mundano TED Talk

“Brazil’s largest city produces 18,000 tonnes of rubbish every day – a staggering 6.5 million tonnes per year.

Many of Sao Paulo’s landfills have already reached capacity, and just 1% of waste is recycled.

A quiet army of 20,000 waste collectors roam the streets day and night collecting recyclable material in carts called carrocas and selling it.

These “catadores” are largely unrecognised for their crucial role keeping Sao Paulo clean. But with a project called Pimp My Carroca, artist Thiago Mundano is trying to draw attention to their work”

BBC – Produced by Frederick Bernas and Enrique Castillo