Inspirator @Global Inspiration Day, 28 Oct, Session Three

Founder of Langa Township Mountaineers

The Langa Township Mountaineers Community is developing a new culture and inherit brotherhood and sisterhood that is not based on how much you know a certain individual or how much you relate to them but on the fact that we are all human beings created by the most High.

“Our vision is to be part of a community that you feel safe and loved in. We want to walk around the streets of South Africa without shivering with fear of being brutally killed for our belongings; we want our Children to grow in an environment with no Gangsters but youngsters whom are educated, ambitious, positive and driven for social change.

Our Mission is to be developing Society for a better tomorrow, Langa is like a Puzzle that was left scattered years ago and Langa Township Mountaineers is one piece of the Puzzle, no matter how complex a puzzle is it always has a solution if every piece is brought together to form the bigger picture.

Our Mission is to form collaborations with corporate institutions that are keen in developing Society for a better tomorrow. So we could be able to teach Youth in the Township to be Self-Developed and goal orientated, teach and equip adults to gain Entrepreneurship skills.

We are forming a coalition with UCT Hiking Club called,”Siyenyuka”.

This collaboration will help us with mentoring of student that are still in High school looking towards getting into South African Universities.”