Inspirator & Moderator @Afrika is Rising Day, 27 Oct: Session Four

Inspirator & Moderator @Global Inspiration Day, 28 Oct: Session Four

A lifetime study and search for balances : urban / rural humanism / modernism east / west wisdom / disruption together / selflessness

Richard Hsu was born in Shanghai, his teenage years grew up in Paris and Luxembourg, professionally trained in New York, Japan, South East Asia and China.

Hsu advocates a balance between culture, business and purpose. His research and professional activities unfold within two main areas: 1. brand, culture and content development  2. education and lifelong learning platforms.

Since 2009, Hsu is the founder and curator of TEDxShanghai, he was nominated as the Senior Ambassador of TEDx in China, responsible for bringing together the most thought-provoking ‘movers and shakers’ from China and around the world together. Richard Hsu co-founder Pan-Asia Network in 2013, a platform bringing Asian and International creative and innovative change-makers from across 35+ cities.

Hsu has many 30+ years of creative and brand experiences in companies such as the New York Times, Sotheby’s, Museum of Modern Art, Madison Square Garden, L’Oreal, Boeing, Warner Music, Shiseido, Condé Nast, Nike, Adidas…

Hsu has been Professor of Practice at Tongji University School of Design and Innovation in Shanghai since 2009. He has been invited as guest lecturer and teacher at Strelka Institute Moscow, Columbia University, Harvard Berkman Center, Fashion Institute of Technology, New York University, Moscow Urban Forum, Krasnoyarsk Urban Forum, Tokyo Innovative City Forum, UNESCO Creative Cities Summit, UNESCO World Heritage, Future Cities Summit…