Inspirator @Family Makers Day, 31 October

Founder of SLUSH

TALK ON 31 October

Join the former Mighty Eagle of Angry Birds and the Founder of SLUSH and Ambitious Africa, Peter Vesterbacka from Finland online as part of the ODA Family Makers Day on 31 October, for an exciting talk.

In 2011 Time Magazine named Peter one of the 100 most influential people on the planet.


Peter is an entrepreneur from the Heart of Eurasia, Helsinki, Finland. Branded communities co-created and initiated by Peter include the HP Bazaar, Mobile Monday, Slush and Startup Sauna to name a few. He was the Mighty Eagle at Angry Birds for many years taking that brand to unprecedented heights. Peter is also currently adjunct professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Tongji University, one of the leading universities in China. In 2011 Time Magazine named Peter one of the 100 most influential people on the planet. Most recently Peter has been spearheading Ambitious.Africa together with African and Nordic youth with the simple ambition of transforming the continent through Education, Entrepreneurship and Entertainment.


SLUSH A new platform that allows startups from all over the world to connect with investors, mentors, partners, and each other – every single day.

SLUSH is held each fall in Helsinki in order to bring together the leading actors of the global tech ecosystem to accelerate the growth of startups. In 2019, SLUSH brought together 25,000 curious minds, including including 3,500 startups and 2,000 investors, representing more than 110 countries.

SLUSH is a non-profit event organized by a community of entrepreneurs, investors, students, and top industry experts. It has grown into one of the leading events of its kind from once only a 300-person assembly. The core mission and philosophy of Slush remains the same: to help drive the next generation of great companies and founders forward.


Ambitious Africa was born out of the realization that the Nordic core strengths of Education, Entrepreneurship and Entertainment could be harnessed for increasing global wellbeing and happiness. Ambitious Africa is all about young people. Young people leading the change. Young people working together for a better future. With the support of the African governments and the Nordics. Ambitious Africa is about the best Education. For all, not just a few. Ambitious Africa is delivering through Entrepreneurship. Ambitious Africa is about the best Entertainment.