Inspirator @Afrika is Rising Day, 27 October, Session Two

Founder of Hya Bioplastics, Africa’s first biotechnology startup

Science has proof with certainty. Creators, however, have certainty without any proof. Being a creator has driven Mark to found Hya Bioplastics, Africa’s first biotechnology startup that’s fully focused on developing biodegradable packaging from re-engineered plant fibers. Mark is a Mechanical Engineer that’s extremely passionate about creating and delivering sustainable life-changing products in the hands of millions of people. He is currently based in Kampala, Uganda. During his 3rd year while at Makerere University, he founded a startup called Wet Technik that saw an opportunity to effectively treating and recycling wastewater using nature-based constructed wetland technologies. He was able to pilot these systems in various locations across Uganda and this has provided a much-needed low-cost wastewater treatment solution. This work was pivotal in the startup becoming winners of the Big Ideas Contest held by the University of California, Berkeley. They as well picked up 3rd place in the Wege Prize 2019, a circular economy focused competition, in addition to becoming ClimateLaunchpad Global Finalists. In October 2019, he co-founded Hya Bioplastics, primarily as a research project focused on converting water hyacinth, an invasive aquatic plant, into biodegradable packaging. Hya Bioplastics has gone on to develop the most affordable bioplastics on the market and is continuously in R&D. They are currently focused on co-designing packaging with various food delivery companies that look at having sustainability at the core of their brand with our wide range of biodegradable packaging. Hya Bioplastics has been able to emerge 1st place in the Wege Prize 2020.