Inspirator @Global Inspiration Day, 28 Oct: Session One

Leads the ORIBI Village Incubation Programs

Louis Prevost is a leader, among many others, of a collective movement for positive socio-ecological impact in society. He leads the ORIBI incubation programs, strategically creating embedded and transformative ecosystems, by helping and mentoring social entrepreneurs to become drivers of systemic and inclusive growth. He deeply believes that social entrepreneurs can use this approach to increase their footprint and create great opportunities for co-creation within specific areas/sub-sections where they have existing strengths. Bringing ecosystems collaboration is at the centre of his vision for change in society. A new era of small people with big ideas is on with ORIBI! Over the last decade, Louis has worked across France, UK & South Africa in advertising agencies as a strategic planner (Ogilvy, Omnicom, Rapp – to mention a few), developing brand platforms for leading international accounts like Netflix, Nike, IBM and other big industry actors. From this experience, he had the opportunity to oversee economic development and innovation in business which worked through concentrated “clusters”, where finance, industry, researchers, universities and entrepreneurs rubbed shoulders to allow the free flow of ideas. Clusters inspired by Silicon Valley have emerged in global hotspots where these unique elements take ground for innovation. Louis now works hand in hand with a collective of entrepreneurs to flip this outdated and limiting recipe that is often closed and protective. By taking an open ecosystem view and embracing diversity, a myriad of individuals and small-scale actors connect and drive change as a collective – in a faster, more efficient, more sustainable pace. Supported by the international network of GROUPE SOS PULSE and the ORIBI Incubation team, Louis now believes in one thing: “Collaboration to compete”. The one and only driver for systemic change and sustainable economic development. For the planet and for all!