Inspirator @Family Makers Day, 31 Oct

Interview with Lara by Kelo Kubu

Co-Founder and CEO of Boma Global

Lara Stein is the Co-Founder and CEO of Boma Global, a global network of local partners offering transformational learning experiences to help us be more intentional and intelligent about the future we’re creating. Prior to founding Boma, Lara was the Executive Director of Women’s March Global, where she built the Women’s March Global platform and oversaw all Women’s March initiatives outside of the US.
Previously Ms. Stein was MD Global Development at Singularity University, responsible for Singularity University’s global expansion and implementation of vision and strategy. Prior to her time at SU, Lara was the founder and director of the TEDx program at the TED Conferences, creating and leading the effort to bring TED to the world by developing a program that granted free licenses to third parties to organize independent TED-like events. Stein also currently sits on the board of Equality Now, dedicated to creating a more just world for women and girls and Lalela, a non-profit dedicated to education through the arts in South Africa.
Lara’s social handle @citizenstein