Inspirator & Moderator @Global Inspiration Day, 28 Oct: Session Three

Founder of Wetopia – “Making Cities Together”

From different roles, Joke Quintens has built a strong reputation in “making a city together”, in which everyone – citizens, activists, entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, politicians and civil servants – play a role. She calls this “Wetopia”. As a designer and process facilitator, Joke is active community developer. As the former Deputy Mayor of the City of Genk (Belgium), she worked on real transitions at city level in the areas of Participation, Neighborhood Development, Sustainable Development, Environment and Equality. For more than 20 years, creativity and “working together to move forward” have been at the forefront of her career, both in the social sector, in policy and in her activities as an entrepreneur. Since 2017, Joke Quintens lives and works in Marseille (France), a city with 2600 years of experience in migration, diversity and resilience. In Living Lab Moving*Marseille, she uses the city as a laboratory to learn, but also to connect people and projects inside and outside Marseille. In this context, she also sets up Urban Field Trips, in which she introduces visitors to this fascinating city by inspiring city makers and their projects. Since 2019, Joke accelerated her Wetopia activities with the Wetopia Academy in Cape Town (South Africa), Le Tour de Tous les Possibles for Manifesta 13 in Marseille (France). She is also preparing Wetopia work in Prishtina (Kosovo) and Nairobi (Kenya).