Inspirator @Future-ready Skills Day, 29 Oct: Session Two

Co-founder and MD of Learn Biomimicry

Jess is the Managing Director and co-founder of Learn Biomimicry, and Instructional designer working with ReWild Africa. In her spare time, she is also a Biomimicry Educator, and run workshops and talks on this topic. She has been informally working in science communication and biomimicry for almost a decade, and finally formalised this role in 2018 when she shifted her career into instructional (learning) design. She is passionate about applying the genius of nature to solving many of our human challenges, and believe that clear, accessible, education is a key place to start. Two of her biggest sideline interests are understanding biomimicry’s role in enabling Circular Economies, and how biomimicry can support nature conservation through changing our science communication narratives. She is a deep believer in how stories and mindsets lead our behaviour, and at every point, She seek ways to shift our paradigms towards a more regenerative, holistic perspective. She also thoroughly enjoy learning and integrating the wisdom of other people (not just nature) into her own worldview. When she is not working on the above, she can usually be found outdoors (likely geeking out over some small finding), or deeply engrossed in a great book. She thrives on stimulating conversation and love learning new things, new perspectives and discovering all the amazing work that is being done in the world.

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