Inspirator @Future-ready Skills Day, 29 Oct: Session Two

Founder of Uhurulabs

Frederick has always been driven to find ways to leverage technology for social good. Coupled with his passion for OpenSource and OpenData it has lead to him being a key contributor to projects such as putting together an internet based radio program exchange system for terrestrial radio in the former Yugoslavia during the 2000 revolution. Frederick then moved back to Africa and has been involved among other things in researching how the use of remote sensing, specifically Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, (UAV’s), can be used as a land survey tool. This started with his involvement in things such as, which utilized community and drone mapping for flood resilience. Frederick has also worked on a project to see how drones can be used to help in land tenure, Tanzania Landrights, (see Reuters Article) and the mapping of Zanzibar which lead to him being awarded the World Bank Presidential award for Innovation. Since then Frederick has focused on growing his technology startup Uhurulabs. Frederick is a keen believer that for a technology to be viable in Africa it needs to be viable in a business sense and not just as a donor project. More recently Frederick has been involved in the creation of African Drone Forum and has been focusing on commercial drone operations.