Inspirator @Afrika is Rising Day, 27 October, Session One

Creative director of the contemporary women’s wear brand, IAMISIGO

Bubu Ogisi is a fibre artist and Creative director of the contemporary women’s wear brand, IAMISIGO and is one of the four members of the art collective hFACTOR. Born in Lagos, Nigeria, and now living between Lagos and Nairobi, she grew up in multiple cities and acquired a BSc in Computer science from Regent University, Accra, Ghana and an MA in Fashion Business from Ecole Superieure des Art et technique de la Mode (ESMOD) Paris, France. Her work spans around decolonizing the mind through the idea of how the body exists and interacts with space by creating wearable art pieces and installation art pieces with unconventional organic materials and ancient textiles traditions from all over the African continent in order to convey lost heritage stories through abstract space installations, textile art and moving visuals. By transforming these found “data” and applying them into garments and fibres, as a form of silent protest to post and neo-colonialism. Most importantly her work seeks to question and engage a variety of thoughts in relation to socio-political questions i.e. religion, gender, traditions, symbols and scripts, tribes and magic as well as questioning future issues such as our ecosystem.