Inspirator @Global Inspiration Day, 28 Oct: Session One

Founder of Nairobi Design Week

Adrian has Polish origin and worked in the UK before he decided to settle more permanently in Nairobi. He is a designer who loves connecting people, ideas and technologies. Collaboration and prototyping are how he approach experience spanning NGOs, startups and corporates. His work includes products, services and creative campaigns across the world, spanning new technologies, toys, consumer electronics, furniture, sanitation, events and experiences. He is the founder of Nairobi Design Week, and the host of the Afrika Design podcast, community platforms. that share Afrikan design with the world. Some of their projects include the Refugees’ Pavilion at the London Design Biennale, ‘Paint the Court’ a community design toolkit, and ‘Labelled Human’, an ongoing campaign that explores what it means to be human. He is also a member of the Design Kenya Association.
Social Media – @adrianjonline